Where Are Chicco Car Seats Made? (Important Facts)

Even though Chicco is a household name in the United States, did you know that Chicco is an Italian manufacturer? Chicco has spread its tentacles worldwide and is known for making baby products.

Of all Chicco products, Chicco car seats are on top of the list when it comes to popularity – thanks to the famous KeyFit series. Nevertheless, is the Chicco car seat made in the United States?

Products made in the States tend to be of great quality, and for that reason, most people prefer buying American products. The United State government has strict measures in place to ensure manufacturers produce the best products.

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Where Are Chicco Car Seats Made?

Where Are Chicco Car Seats Made?

Just Like most car seats, Chicco car seats are made in China. The majority of American brands and other top European brands have production facilities in China. This isn’t a bad thing to do!

Why are Chicco car seats not made in USA or Italy? This could probably be due to the high cost of production and labor in the U.S. when compared to Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, etc.

Should you be worried because Chicco car seats are made in China? No, you shouldn’t! China is becoming the manufacturing capital of the world and there are tons of high-quality U.S. products that are being made in China.

Moreover, before any car seat can be sold in the States, the car seat must meet the standard safety requirements laid out by the relevant authorities. Therefore, for Chicco car seats to be sold in the U.S., they have been certified already.

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Does Chicco Make Good Car Seats?

Chicco car seats are one of the best car seats on the market. Their famous KeyFit series infant car seats are rated at the top of the list of infant car seats.

All the safety features and comfort needed in a car seat are available in Chicco car seats.

First, most Chicco car seats such as the KeyFit 35 Zip ClearTex have the GREENGUARD Gold and JPMA labels. This means they are certified for low chemical emissions, ensuring your baby enjoys healthier air quality.

Another factor that makes Chicco car seats good is the ease of installation. Features such as level indicators, SuperCinch tightened, one-pull harness, etc. makes it super easy to install Chicco car seats.

In terms of comfort, Chicco car seats are padded with cozy materials to give babies a warm feeling during a ride. There are also different reclining positions to give your little one the best sitting position needed.

Another important feature of Chicco infant car seats is that, not only can they be installed on Chicco strollers, but they can also be used on some other brands of strollers with the help of adapters.

Therefore, you can trust Chicco car seats to be good because they have every necessary feature a good car seat has.

These are things you should know about Chicco car seat bases!

Which Brands Of Car Seats Are Made In The U.S.?

Even though Chicco car seats are not made in the U.S., they are very good car seats that have every feature needed from a car seat. However, if you insist on purchasing a car seat primarily made in the States, there are a few of them available.

Britax and Evenflo have some of their car seats made in the U.S. Below are the American-made car seats from both brands.

Britax Car Seats Made In The U.S.

Britax infant car seats made in the U.S. Britax B-Safe 35 and Britax Endeavors

Britax convertible car seats made in the U.S. – Britax Marathon, Britax Boulevard, Britax Emblem, and Britax Advocate.

Evenflo Car Seats Made In The U.S.

Evenflo infant car seats made in the U.S.Evenflo LiteMax and Evenflo SafeMax

Evenflo convertible car seats made in the U.S.Evenflo Everystage and Evenflo Symphony

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Conclusion – Are American-Made Car Seats Better Than China-Made Car Seats

Both American-made and China-made car seats are good as long as they have been certified to be sold in the United States. Most of the best-selling car seats in the States are actually manufactured in China and other Asian countries.

If you are having mixed feelings about buying Chicco car seats or any other China-made car seat, rest assured that some of the best car seats in the U.S. are manufactured in China.

Most American brands have production facilities in China for making most of their products. Some Chicco car seats are GREENGUARD Gold and JPMA certified, which tells a lot about how safe they are.

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