Do Nuna Car Seats recline? (Explained For Beginners)

A car seat with a wide recline range makes it easier for parents to get the best position for their kids.

A car seat that lacks good reclining angles could cause your child’s head to fall forward, and that might cause airway obstruction.

Before purchasing a car seat, you should check if the car seat has different recline angles for the safety and comfort of your child. We shall look at Nuna’s car seats to see whether or not they recline.

We shall go through the Nuna PIPA series, Nuna RAVA, and Nuna REVV to see how best they recline and the best settings to use for your little one.

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Does The Nuna RAVA Car Seat Recline?

Does The Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seat Recline?

Yes, you can recline your Nuna PIPA infant car seat by adjusting the recline angle on your PIPA base. If you have a Nuna infant car seat, it either comes with the PIPA series base or PIPA RELX.

For the PIPA series base, there is an angle adjustment foot underneath the base that gives you room for more adjustment.

Peradventure you are not getting the perfect reclination angle with the PIPA series base, you can place a tightly rolled towel or pool noodles under the base. You don’t need the recline adjustment foot if you decide to use a rolled towel or pool noodles.

To be sure that the recline is correct, the bubble needs to touch the line on the indicator. It doesn’t need to be at the center, touching the line on the indicator should be your target.

If your PIPA car seat comes with the RELX base, then you have more room for adjustment. The PIPA RELX base has 4 positions on-the-go recline to ensure you get the best angle that is safest for your little one.

In case you want to install any of the PIPA infant car seats without a base, you’d need pool noodles or a rolled towel to fill in the void under the seat to adjust the recline angle.

Note: Not all Nuna PIPA car seats can be installed without a base. If you have the PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R, or PIPA Lite LX, you must use a base for installation.

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Does The Nuna RAVA Car Seat Recline?

You can recline your Nuna RAVA convertible car seat up to 10 recline positions with just a push of a button. Whether your child is riding in the rear-facing or forward-facing position, there is enough room for adjustment.

In rear-facing mode, you can use any of the 5 positions in blue. However, if your child’s head falls forward, you can recline the seat back to get the best and safest angle.

In forward-facing mode, you can use any of the 5 positions in red. Again, if your child’s head falls forward and there is a need for readjustment, you can recline the seat more.

Note: The Nuna RAVA doesn’t have an on-the-go recline. To change the recline position, you need to uninstall the RAVA car seat. After changing the recline angle, you can then reinstall it.

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Does The Nuna REVV Car Seat Recline?

Yes, the Nuna REVV convertible car seat can recline. It has 10 recline positions – 5 positions for rear-facing mode, and the remaining 5 for forward-facing mode.

The REVV is Nuna’s most innovative car seat that easily rotates on the base from rear to forward-facing (and vice versa). All you need is just a hand to release the seat for rotation.

Also, unlike the Nuna RAVA which needs to be uninstalled before adjusting the recline angle, the REVV comes with on-the-go recline features. This means you can easily recline the car seat while it is installed.

The 5 blue recline positions are for the rear-facing mode and the 5 red are for the forward-facing mode. With these 10 positions, you can select the best recline angle based on your child’s size.

To ensure that there is no recline angle issue when the Nuna REVV rotates, the 5 red position recline are locked out during rear-facing, and the 5 blue position recline are locked out during forward-facing.

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Whether you have a Nuna PIPA infant car seat, RAVA car seat, or REVV car seat, you can adjust the recline angle to get the safest angle for your little one.

Ensure that you go through the car seat instruction manual to get all the information you need about your car seat recline angle.

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