Does The Doona Car Seat recline? (Quick Facts)

If you are a new parent, you should understand that an infant car seat must have the capacity to adjust to a flat or near-flat position. This is to allow your little one to lie comfortably without stressing your child’s developing body.

If you own a Doona car seat or are planning on purchasing one, you must understand that the Doona is a unique car seat. It is a combination of both a car seat and a stroller – somewhat different from the conventional infant car seat.

Our focus in this article is to know whether or not the Doona car seat can recline and to what angle can it recline. We’ll also find out if a baby can sleep in a Doona car seat, how long should a baby stay in a Doona car seat at a time, etc.

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Can I Recline The Doona Car Seat?

Can I Recline The Doona Car Seat?

The Doona car seat is not designed with different reclining positions like you have with regular strollers and car seats. However, Doona is uniquely made with a recline position that will keep your child comfortable.

You can’t adjust the recline position of the Doona car seat stroller, but the seat is designed such that it gives your child a good sitting/sleeping position. You can safely use it for your child from birth until around 12 months or thereabout.

If you are concerned about getting an infant car seat or stroller that will recline completely flat, then Doona can’t do that. You may have to shift your focus to getting a regular car seat or stroller.

But if your concern is whether the recline position of the Doona car seat is safe, then you have nothing to worry about. The car seat is expertly designed to provide every necessary support and comfort to your child.

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Can Baby Sleep In A Doona Car Seat?

Yes, a baby can sleep in a Doona car seat, but not for too long. The Doona car seat or any other car seat is not designed for sleeping. The primary aim of a car seat is to make it safe and comfortable to transport kids.

However, if your child falls asleep in the process of riding on a Doona car seat (whether in car seat mode or stroller mode), there isn’t any big deal with that.

Once you get to your final destination and your baby is still asleep, don’t allow your little one to continue sleeping on the car seat or stroller – transfer your child to a normal sleeping surface such as a crib.

The situation is similar to what an adult could experience – it is permissible for an adult to doze off being a passenger in a vehicle, but that’s not the best place for the adult to sleep.

When your child dozes off in a car seat, you, as the parent, must not leave your child unattended. Always monitor the sleeping process to make sure there are no complications that could lead to SIDS.

How Long Can A Baby Stay In A Doona Car Seat At A Time?

The amount of time a baby should sit or sleep in a Doona car seat or any other car seat at a time shouldn’t exceed two hours at a time. This is because the best sleeping surface for a child should be completely flat, and car seats are 100% flat.

Therefore, two hours is the recommended time for a child to sleep/sit in a car seat for the sake of your child’s health.

This might sound worrisome to parents who would want to go on a long road trip with their little ones, but there’s always a way out. If you plan for long road trips, you should also plan for regular stops to either feed or change your baby.

The few minutes of taking your child out of the car seat for a change or feeding would help to relieve your little one from the stress of sitting/sleeping in a car seat for too long.

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Why Does A Car Seat Need To Recline?

Babies have delicate spines and the best sitting or sleeping position is a reclined surface. To prevent babies from hurting their spines, the car seat must be in a reclined position.

Also, babies don’t have head control. If you allow a baby to sit at a reclined angle of 90 degrees, the child’s head will keep falling forward, which is not a good thing to allow.

The majority of infant car seats on the marketplace are made by experts who understand the importance of recline angles for babies. You may hardly find any infant car seat without a recline position suitable for kids.

Conclusion – Is the Recline Angle Of The Doona Car Seat Good Enough?

Although the Doona does not have an adjustable recline, the seat is designed such that your little one will be safe and comfortable. There hasn’t been any case of spine injury with Doona, so, you shouldn’t worry about that.

Nevertheless, while the reclining position of the Doona car seat is safe for babies, a child should not be left in a car seat for too long. It is advisable not to leave your little one sitting or sleeping in a car seat for more than two hours.

If your child snoozes off in the car seat or stroller while taking a ride, there is no cause for alarm. However, the sleep should be for a short period and you must monitor the sleeping process.

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