Everything About Graco 4Ever DLX Car Seat (Easy Checklist)

Graco is an American brand known for making baby products including car seats, cribs, high chairs, bassinets, etc. The company was founded over 80 years ago and it’s still doing exceptionally well in the industry.

In this article, our focus is on Graco car seats and we will look at one of the favorite car seats among parents – The Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat.

We will answer every possible question there is about the 4Ever DLX to give parents a clear picture of what to expect from the car seat. Let’s begin by explaining what the 4Ever DLX is made of.

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Graco 4Ever DLX Car Seat

What is Graco 4Ever DLX Car Seat?

Graco 4Ever DLX is one of the finest and most versatile car seats in the marketplace. This car seat can convert from a rear-facing infant car seat to a forward-facing, and a booster seat (highback and backless booster seat).

With this car seat, you don’t need to bother about buying another car seat as your child grows. Graco 4Ever car seat is designed such that a baby can use it from birth until a child is about 10 years old.

Most kids will fit in most vehicles’ seat belts without the need for a booster seat at about 10 to 12 years old. Graco 4Ever DLX is suitable for children from 4 lbs to 120 lbs.

With that weight bracket, the car seat should serve any child until the child is big enough to start using a vehicle’s seat belt. The seat is made of plastic and metal which may be cleaned with cool water and mild soap.

The Graco 4Ever DLX features a six-position recline that makes the installation comfortable for your little one as he/she grows. Also, the In Right LATCH system makes the attachment with the vehicle’s seat easy and secure.

The Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat costs $329.97 on Amazon. You may want to check it out to see its other features.

Now that we have known what the 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 entails, let’s go through some common questions parents ask about this car seat.

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Does Graco 4Ever DLX Car Seat Attach To Strollers?

No, you can’t use the 4Ever DLX on a stroller because it is a convertible seat that lacks the features to connect with a stroller. Once this car seat is installed, you don’t need to detach it from your car unless for any crucial reason.

If you are interested in a Graco stroller that attaches to strollers, you should consider buying a rear-facing infant car seat. Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX infant car seat is a good one to use on a stroller.

Does 4Ever DLX Car Seat Have A Removable Base?

The Graco 4Ever DLX does not come with a removable base. The car seat is designed such that you can easily convert the seat from a rear-facing infant car seat to a booster seat.

You can install the seat using the In Right Latch system or via your vehicle seat belt using the integrated belt lock-off system for easy and secure installation.

Does The Graco 4Ever Car Seat Turn Into A Booster Seat?

Yes, the Graco 4Ever DLX is a 4-in-1 car seat designed to serve your child from birth to about 10 years old. It can safely convert into a highback and backless booster seat without the need of buying any extra accessories.

Simply go through the seat manual to read the installation process and the best recline position for the booster seat. Also, there are easy-to-understand indicators on the car seat to guide you during the installation process.

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Does The Graco 4Ever DLX Have A Carrying Handle?

Unlike the Graco rear-facing infant car seat which is lightweight and comes with a carrying handle, 4Ever DLX is not so. Graco 4Ever does not have a carrying handle because it is not designed to be carried around.

4Ever DLX is about double the weight of an infant car seat, hence, not suitable to be carried around. The car seat is meant to be installed and left inside the vehicle. If you want a portable car seat, simply get an infant car seat.

Does The Graco 4Ever Car Seat Expire?

Yes, the Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 car seat expires 10 years after the date of manufacture (DOM). This is a very tricky one because the 4Ever DLX is meant to be used for your child for up to 10 years.

That means you have to buy the seat when it’s newly produced. Just make sure you check the product to see its expiry date.

Does The Graco 4Ever Fit On Airplane?

The Graco 4Ever car seat is FAA approved, which means you can use it on an airplane when the harness is in use. However, considering that this car seat is bulky, using it on an airplane may not be a good decision.

You can’t use the 4Ever DLX backless booster mode on an airplane because planes have lap-only belts. Also, depending on the plane’s seat, 4Ever DLX may be too large to fit in properly.

Therefore, even though you have an airline-approved car seat, there are other factors to consider before using the seat on a plane. Find out more on “are Graco car seats airline approved?”

Is The Graco 4Ever DLX car seat cover machine washable?

The Graco 4Ever DLX car seat cover is machine washable. It takes about a minute to remove the cover and you don’t need to uninstall the seat to remove the cover.

Apart from washing the car seat cover, other plastic and metal parts can be easily cleaned using cool water and mild soap.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t wash the seat cover too often unless there is a need to do so. You should try out spot cleaning before settling for washing. Too much washing would weaken the fabric.

Here’s a beginner’s guide on whether Graco car seat covers are machine washable.

Do I Need Another Car Seat Apart From The Graco 4Ever DLX Car Seat?

The Graco 4Ever DLX car seat is designed for use from birth up to about 10 years old. That means the car seat can serve as a rear-facing, forward-facing, highback booster, and backless booster seat.

However, you can’t use the 4Ever DLX on a stroller. Therefore, if you plan to use a Graco car seat on a stroller, you would need to get another rear-facing infant car seat for that purpose. Also, the 4Ever DLX is not the best for air travel.

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