Are Doona Car Seats Worth It? (Explained)

Before you spend your hard-earned money on any product, you need to be sure that the product is worth it. Is the product overpriced? Does the value of the product correspond to its price tag? These questions need to be answered.

Now, if you are planning on buying a Doona car seat, you need to find out if it is worth it or not. Since there are dozens of car seat brands available on the marketplace, you shouldn’t settle for less!

In this short article, we will go through the Doona car seat stroller to determine whether it is expensive, or whether it offers good value for your money.

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Is The Doona Worth It?

Is It Worth Getting The Doona?

Doona car seat is well worth it since it is the only infant car seat and stroller combo on the marketplace. Having the Doona car seat can be a great investment in the 2 years of your little one’s life.

If you want a portable travel system that can easily convert from a car seat to a stroller in seconds, the Doona is your best choice for a car seat. It is a 2-in-1 car seat stroller that saves you from carrying a separate car seat and stroller everywhere you go.

in terms of safety, Consumer Reports rated Doona car seats as “EXCELLENT”, while for overall performance, they rated the car seat as “VERY GOOD”.

Also, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave Doona car seat strollers a 5-star rating, which is the highest rating any car seat can get.

Therefore, it suffices to say that Doona is worth it and has been praised by most of the safety and performance agencies in the US and EU.

Nevertheless, we still need to go through the key features of Doona car seats so that you can decide whether it is something you would want to buy.

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Is Doona Worth It In Terms Of Safety?

In terms of safety, the US and EU safety regulators have certified Doona car seat strollers as safe for babies. The car seats have also been screened for harmful chemicals that could pollute your child’s environment.

Some of the safety features of the Doona include a 5-point harness, an anti-rebound bar inside the car (serves as an adjustable handle for the stroller), breathable textiles, baby-safe materials, etc.

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Is The Doona Car Seat Expensive?

If you consider the convenience you enjoy from having a Doona car seat, you’d see that Doona is not expensive. The fact that you don’t have to carry a separate car seat and stroller is enough to invest in the Doona car seat.

However, one major complaint about the Doona car seat and stroller is that it doesn’t have storage. This means that you can’t use it for heavy shopping in a supermarket.

With Doona, you don’t have to lift your car seat – you just have to convert the car seat to a stroller within seconds and you are good to go. Considering all these features, I believe the Doona is never too expensive for parents.

However, if you are on a budget, other singular car seats sell for cheaper (less than half the price of Doona). You may consider the Chicco KeyFit, Britax B-Safe, and Graco SnugRide 35 Lite.

When To Stop Using The Doona Car Seat & Stroller

Another factor that determines whether or not Doona car seats are worth it is the usage time of the seat. A Doona car seat is only suitable for babies from birth up to around 2 years old.

The maximum weight limit of Doona is 35 lbs and the maximum height limit is 32 inches. With these limits, some babies can outgrow the Doona car seat between 12 and 15 months.

To some parents, this might not be a wise investment because the duration of use is short. They would prefer to invest in a car seat and a regular stroller that can serve for a longer period.

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What Other Parents Are Saying About The Doona Car Seat

To give you a clear judgment of whether Doona is worth it or not, it is good to show you what other parents are saying about the Doona car seat.

Below are some reviews we got on:

Let me clearly state that this has been the best and most satisfying purchase I’ve ever made on Amazon (and probably everywhere else).

Follow up: Our baby is 2.5 years old now and we miss the Doona. We used it for 15 months and once again, we miss it but it surely made another happy family after us. If there could be something similar for toddlers, we would definitely buy it. But honestly, still think it was the best purchase ever.


Very convenient and easy to navigate. The thing that I don’t like is it cost close to $600 and does not come with all of its accessories. Why should I have to dish out more money? I also do not like that it is zero storage which is totally inconvenient and pointless to use if I’m going shopping and have bags.


The BEST money I have ever spent in my life!!!! I am a mother of 4 and THIS! OMG this car seat! It is absolutely amazing, very easy to open from car seat to stroller, not too heavy to lift in the car.

Christina Hallam

To be honest the only people who don’t love the Doona are people who do not own one or tried to use this as their main stroller. It is the most convenient car seat invented. It’s important to say this is a car seat, it’s not a stroller. So you will need to purchase a more traditional stroller for daily use. If you use it like what it is a car seat with wheels I guarantee you, you will love it.


We absolutely love this, but it is heavier than most car seats, just due to the fact it’s a stroller as well. You definitely will want the wheels out anytime it’s not in a car.

That said, I would still recommend it.


Final Conclusion – Is The Doona Car Seat & Stroller Worth It?

Going by parents’ reviews, the Doona car seat has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5. This is definitely an excellent score, and it shows that the Doona is not expensive, considering the value it offers.

The Doona has a price tag of $550, which is less expensive than the majority of the travel systems (car seats + strollers). However, you must understand that a child will quickly outgrow the Doona, meaning you will have to buy a regular stroller.

A car seat costs an average of $300. If you are not cool with Doona’s car seat and stroller combo, you may decide to buy a separate car seat and stroller.

But if the fund is available, then nothing should stop you from getting the Doona car seat stroller because it makes life easier for parents and their little ones.

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