Are Nuna Car Seats Safe? (Important Facts)

Nuna is a top brand responsible for making baby car seats and other baby products. Among other things, Nunababy tends to have some of the most expensive car seats in the marketplace.

Nevertheless, when buying a car seat for your little one, the first thing parents want to be sure of is the safety of the car seat. Hence, are Nuna car seats one of the safest car seats to buy for kids?

In this short write-up, we shall look at how safe Nuna car seats are, some factors and features that determine the safety of a car seat, and the safest Nuna car seats to buy for your child at certain stages of your child’s development.

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How Safe Are Nuna Car Seats?

Nuna car seats are made with carefully selected and tested materials that make them one of the safest in the marketplace.

Nuna is known for making infant car seats, convertible car seats, all-in-one car seats, and booster seats. These models of Nuna car seats tend to meet and exceed the safety requirements set out by the US safety authority.

Before a car seat is allowed to sell in the United States, there are safety measures it needs to meet.

Since car seats are meant for kids (who are still developing), adequate care is needed when crafting these car seats to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

To determine whether a car seat is safe for kids, there are certain features to look out for in the car seat. Let’s look at the features that make Nuna car seats safe for babies.

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Features Of Nuna Car Seats That Make them Safe For Use

Materials and Designs of the Car Seat

The reason Nuna car seats are expensive is that the company invests a lot of premium materials in making a safe and comfortable seat for kids. Also, the car seats are designed to minimize injuries in case of an accident.

Nuna performs intensive crash tests on all its car seats to ensure that the seats meet and exceed the industry requirements. The brand works with top safety experts such as Bob Wall for maximum safety.

Some of the features of Nuna car seats include a 5-point harness system, head support, side impact protection, integrated harness holders, anti-rebound panels, lock-off with easy access belt path, etc.

In terms of materials and designs of car seats, Nuna is at the top of the chart and you can trust Nuna car seats on that.


GREENGUARD GOLD certification ensures that babies breathe clean air while riding in their car seats. Kids do not need to inhale chemical emissions from car seats because it could have a severe impact on their health.

Many Nuna car seats are GREENGUARD GOLD certified, which means they have undergone a series of tests that certify them clean and free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and chemical emissions.

While GREENGUARD GOLD certification is not compulsory for manufacturers, it gives parents some sort of peace knowing that the product they intend to buy has been screened from harmful chemical emissions.

Apart from protecting your little one from breathing polluted air, the GREENGUARD GOLD certification also makes the environment healthier for all.

Below are Nuna car seats that are GREENGUARD GOLD certified:

  • REVV convertible car seat
  • RAVA convertible car seat
  • EXEC all-in-one convertible car seat
  • AACE high back booster seat
  • PIPA Lite RX + PIPA Relx base
  • PIPA Lite R + PIPA Relx base
  • PIPA Lite LX + PIPA series bases
  • PIPA RX + PIPA Relx base
  • PIPA Lite + PIPA series base
  • PIPA + PIPA series base

Flame Retardant free materials

All car seats in the US must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 – Flammability of Interior Materials. In order to meet these requirements, most car seat manufacturers add fire retardant chemicals to the fabrics of car seats.

While flame retardants are helpful in case of a fire outbreak, these chemicals could affect a child’s health. However, car seat manufacturers like Nuna, Britax, etc, craft their car seats by using fire-retardant (FR) free materials all through.

The materials used for Nuna car seats are naturally flame resistant and contain no added chemicals that could affect a child’s health. This feature makes Nuna car seats one of the safest on the market.

Having looked at some of the factors that make Nuna car seats safe, let’s go through the safety of the different models of Nuna car seats.

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How Safe Is The Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seats?

Car seats under the Nuna PIPA series include Nuna PIPA, PIPA RX, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R, PIPA Lite RX, and PIPA Lite LX. These are some of the safest infant car seats for babies between 0 and 2 years old.

Nuna infant car seats use a steel-reinforced load leg, a metal anchor that extends from the base of the car seat to the floor of your vehicle. This metal anchor offers additional stability, thus, keeping your child safe.

According to Consumer Reports, infant car seats with load legs are rated as the best because the load legs minimize the risk of head injury by up to 46 percent.

Also, the PIPA base uses metal LATCH connectors, which are stronger than the conventional flexible (belt) LATCH connector.

You can install PIPA infant car seats with or without a base, depending on the car seat instruction manual. Always make sure you go through the manual to be double sure that you are doing the right thing.

Find out where Nuna car seats are manufactured.

How Safe Is The Nuna PIPA Lite Infant Car Seats?

Under the PIPA Lite, there are four infant car seats – PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R, PIPA Lite RX, and PIPA Lite LX. The difference between PIPA and PIPA Lite is the materials used in making the seats – Both models are safe.

While PIPA models are made with EPS foam, the PIPA Lite models are made with Aeroflex, a new and advanced type of lightweight foam.

Aeroflex is a flexible EPP foam that absorbs and disperses energy away from your child. This material also makes the PIPA Lite infant car seat lighter without affecting the sturdiness of the seat.

How Safe is the Nuna RAVA car seat?

The Nuna RAVA convertible seat is meant for both rear-facing and forward-facing. This means your child can use the seat for a longer time.

Nuna RAVA has a 50 lbs weight limit for rear-facing, making it one of the highest weight limits on the market.

Some of the safety features of the Nuna RAVA convertible seat include energy-absorbing side impact protection, steel frame and reinforced belt path for maximum protection, and no added fire retardant chemicals.

The Nuna RAVA exceeds American safety standards, thanks to all its safety features that keep your child safe and comfortable all the time.

Another amazing safety feature of the Nuna RAVA convertible car seat is its installation process. The car seat design makes installation easy and accurate. A well-installed car seat places your child in a safer condition.

Is The Nuna REVV Safe?

The Nuna REVV convertible car seat is safe and can spin 360 degrees from rear-facing to forward-facing.

REVV provides security with Steel Strength Technology, a 10-position bubble-free recline for snug and secure comfort, and side impact protection.

The REVV car seat can hold babies from birth up to 40 lbs, with a stress-free rotating feature that makes it easy to switch from rear-facing to forward-facing.

Nuna REVV is a revolutionalized car seat that offers the same safety features as the other Nunan car seats.

How Safe Is The Nuna AACE Booster Seat?

The AACE booster seat grows with your child from pre-school to pre-teen. This booster seat gives children the needed boost so that they can safely use the vehicle seat belt.

ACCE comes with an 8-position recline with one hand and a 9-position headrest to fit kids of different heights. The energy-absorbing side impact protection is an amazing safety feature of the NUNA AACE booster.

This booster seat can convert from a high back to a backless booster. There are color-coded indicators to help you install the booster seat correctly.

Make sure you go through the instruction manual to know when to transition from high back to backless mode.

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