Is The Doona Car Seat Approved In Australia?

Before buying a car seat for your little one, you have to be sure the seat is approved by the relevant safety regulators in charge of baby gear in your country.

No doubt, Doona remains one of the best and most versatile car seats you can find in the marketplace. Doona’s capacity to convert from an infant car seat to a stroller within a few minutes makes it precious to parents.

If you live in Australia, you probably must have come across tons of positive reviews about Doona car seats. However, before you try to buy a Doona car seat, you must be sure it is approved in Australia.

So, is the Doona car seat approved in Australia? Let’s see what the authority of Australia has to say about the Doona car seat.

Is The Doona Car Seat Approved In Australia?

Are Doona Car Seats Approved In Australia?

Unfortunately, the Doona car seat does not comply with the Australian safety standard, thus, is not approved for use in Australia. If you were planning to buy a Doona car seat in Australia, it is illegal to do that.

Child car seats purchased overseas are not in compliance with Australian Standards and are usually not compatible with Australian vehicles. For you to use a child car seat, it must be compatible with your vehicle.

Another reason why Australian vehicles are not compatible with Doona or other overseas car seats is that Australian vehicles have a special kind of top-tether strap anchorage system.

Finally, when it comes to child car seats, Australian Standard is the strictest you can find anywhere in the world. There are so many tests that are needed to be done on a car seat before it could be approved by the Australian authority.

Therefore, US and European car seat models are not approved in Australia. If you live in Australia, you should only consider using Australian/New Zealand car seats (check below for some approved car seats in Australia).

Can I Use US Car Seats In Australia?

No, you can’t use US car seats in Australia because US car seats do not comply with the Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 1754.

Most overseas car seat models do not meet the Australian Standard, thus, are not suitable for Australian vehicles.

It would be considered illegal if you try to use a US car seat model or any other oversea car seat model in Australia.

Where Should A Baby Car Seat Be Placed In Australia?

The safest place to install your baby’s car seat in Australia is the center position of the rear seat of your vehicle. Peradventure there is a side-impact collision, the center position is the safest place for your little one to be.

Alternatively, you may also want to install your baby’s car seat at the rear passenger seat of your vehicle. In all that you do, ensure you stick to the car seat instruction manual as well as your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the best installation.

How well you install a car seat has a lot to do with the safety of your child during a ride. Adhere to the Australian car seat safety regulations to keep your child safe.

Top 5 Australian-Approved Car Seats To Consider Buying

Below are the top 5 Australian-approved car seats you should consider buying if you live in Australia or New Zealand.

1. Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia

If you are looking for a quality car seat that will give your child maximum safety and comfort, the Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia convertible car seat is the perfect one for you.

You can use the car seat from birth until your child is around 4 years old.

Your baby should ride on the rear-facing mode from birth to around 2-3 years, depending on the growth rate of your baby.

Once your child reaches the maximum weight or height limit of the rear-facing mode, switch to forward-facing.

For forward-facing mode, you should introduce your child to it anytime from 12 months to 4 years. Always ensure you check the car seat specifications to know the right time to switch from rear-facing to forward-facing.

2. Maxi Cosi Vita Smart Convertible Car Seat

Here’s another approved child car seat in Australia you should consider buying. The Maxi Cosi Vita Smart convertible car seat has sophisticated safety features to protect your little one in case of an impact.

You can use the Maxi Cosi Vita Smart for your baby from birth to approximately 4 years old.

Rearward riding should be from 0 to up to 30 months, while forward-facing riding should be from 12 months up to about 4 years, depending on your child’s growth rate.

Some of Maxi Cosi Vita Smart car seat features include built-in rebound bars, 8 position headrest and in-built harness adjustment, and a 3-position forward-facing recline.

3. Safety 1st Summit AP Convertible Car Seat

The Summit AP convertible car seat has everything you need in a car seat. It is approved in Australia, has a beautiful design, well-padded for comfort, and has different recline positions to ensure your child is always comfortable.

This car seat can convert from rear-facing to forward-facing, making it useful for a more extended period. You can use the rear-facing mode from birth to about 1 year of age or when your child reaches the maximum specification.

The forward-facing mode can be used from around 12 months to approximately 4 years of age or when your child outgrows the seat either in weight or height.

4. Mother’s Choice Shine Convertible Car Seat

If you are looking for a convertible car seat that is easy to install, the Shine Convertible Car Seat should be on your list. Besides the fact that it is easy to install, it comes with an inbuilt rebound bar design to protect your child from impact.

Mother’s Choice Shine Convertible Car Seat is suitable for rear-facing and forward-facing modes.

Use rear-facing mode from 0 to around 12 months old and forward-facing mode from around 12 months old to approximately 4 years old. Always read the instruction manual to figure out the right time to stop using the car seat.

Other features that come with the car seat include an infant insert, head pillow, a 3-position recline for comfort, etc. You should use the infant insert and head pillow from birth until your child is about 6 months old.

5. Infasecure Achieve Premium Convertible Car Seat

If you are planning to buy just one Australian-approved child restraint that can be used from birth up to approximately 8 years, the Achieve Premium should be your number one choice.

Unlike most other car seats with a rear-facing mode of up to 12 months, the Achieve Premium Convertible Car Seat has an extended rear-facing mode for up to 30 months. This gives your child more time to ride in the rear-facing mode.

Also, the forward-facing mode of this car seat extends up to when your child is 8 years old. The only seat you would need apart from the Achieve Premium Car Seat is a booster seat that would be used when your child is between 8 to 10 years old.

The Achieve Premium Car Seat is not only one of the car seats that are not only approved in Australia but remains one of the best high-performing car seats you can get. It is made of high-quality materials and its safety features are top-notch.

Conclusion – Using The Doona Car Seat In Australia

The Doona car seat doesn’t meet the Australian car seat standard and so, it is not approved for use in Australia. It is illegal to use Doona car seats and strollers in Australia and you should avoid doing so.

There are other amazing Australian-approved car seats that are safe and comfortable for your little one. Choose any of the car seats listed above and you should be fine with it.

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